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Clinical Evaluation


A comprehensive evaluation is the first step toward determining the cause of the problem and the extent of symptoms caused by chronic venous insufficiency.

Initial evaluation begins in the office setting with a thorough history and physical examination. Typical symptoms of venous insufficiency include aching, pain, tightness, skin irritation, heaviness, tingling, muscle cramps, restless legs and varicose veins. Symptoms often worsen during the course of the day and with prolonged standing. Patients with more severe insufficiency can present with complaints of swelling, skin changes, or ulceration.

During this initial evaluation with Dr. Barnett the underlying causes and potential remedies will be addressed.

It is extremely important to determine if the cause of the findings relates to the venous system. If so, further evaluation may be suggested which could include an ultrasound examination (duplex scan) of the veins.


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