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If you are embarrassed by the appearance of varicose veins on your legs and feet, you may want to consider a phlebectomy, a minimally invasive procedure to remove unattractive varicose veins. Since this procedure can fix the look of your legs but not always their function, Stephen M. Barnett, MD, of Vein Therapy of Atlanta often recommends this procedure so your legs and feet can look and feel better at the same time. Call to make an appointment today.

Phlebectomy Q & A

What is a phlebectomy?

Varicose veins are veins that don’t function properly, resulting in unsightly bluish bulging veins on your legs and feet. A phlebectomy, also known as microphlebectomy, ambulatory phlebectomy, or stab avulsion, is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat varicose veins and spider veins.

In a phlebectomy procedure, Dr. Barnett makes small incisions around the damaged veins. It’s much less invasive than surgery, and the recovery time is shorter.

What can I expect during a phlebectomy?

Before a phlebectomy procedure at Vein Therapy of Atlanta, Dr. Barnett cleans the area and administers local anesthesia to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the treatment.

He then uses a small scalpel or needle to make tiny punctures or incisions in your skin near the problem vein. Dr. Barnett uses a phlebectomy hook to remove the damaged varicose veins through the incisions. Because veins are easily collapsible, large and small veins can be removed through these small incisions.

Dr. Barnett performs phlebectomies in-office, usually in less than an hour.

What can I expect after a phlebectomy?

Because the incisions are so small, you won’t need stitches. You will, however, need to wear compression stockings for about 2-3 weeks after the procedure. As long as you wear these stockings, you can resume most activities, except strenuous ones, the day after the procedure. Dr. Barnett provides easy to follow post-procedure instructions.

There are usually no complications following a phlebectomy. Minor side effects include short-term skin color change, infection, pain, and small red spider veins. You should discuss any side effects with Dr. Barnett.

For more information on phlebectomy and other vein treatment procedures, call Vein Therapy of Atlanta.