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Skin Discoloration-Leg Ulcers


What causes skin discoloration?

Chronic Venous Insufficiency develops when the valves stop working properly. This causes the blood to flow backward and pool in the lower leg veins.

There are number of symptoms including heaviness fatigue, burning, itching, leg restlessness and aching pain. Findings may include smaller spider veins, to visibly enlarged varicose veins. Over time, inflammatory skin changes including darkening and thickening of the skin can develop.

The first step in treating varicose veins is to treat their source.

What causes venous leg wounds?

If left untreated, the persistence of pressure induced inflammatory changes in the veins and skin can progress to open wounds or venous leg ulcers.

Common symptoms and findings associated with skin discoloration/leg wounds:

  • Itchiness and/or swelling in the legs and feet
  • Large purple or blue raised veins that you can see under the surface of your skin
  • Achy, painful, and throbbing legs and feet, especially after standing for a long time
  • Skin changes or discoloration around your veins 

How is skin discoloration and venous leg wounds treated?

These ulcers can be difficult to heal and may have a tendency to reoccur. Treatment is directed at reversing the inflammatory changes with appropriate wound care, and addressing the source of the elevated venous pressure.

The treatments Dr. Barnett provides include:

  • Woundcare and compression therapy
  • ClosureFast™ Procedure (VNUS Closure)
  • Varithena® microfoam vein treatment
  • VenaSeal® closure system
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Phlebectomy

Where treatment is deemed medically necessary, our office will, on your behalf, seek pre-authorization from your insurance provider.

For more information about varicose vein treatment, call Vein Therapy of Atlanta.


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